Peace for Asia is proud to announce Ms. Rita Anwari as its founding President. A survivor of the Afghan civil war, Rita Anwari dedicated her life to women and little girls of Afghanistan who continue to experience multidimensional challenges in all walks of life. Besides her active engagement with the Australian government for the Afghan cause, Rita’s efforts are well known and acknowledged in the field as well, since she actively funds education opportunities for Afghan girls.

In her capacity as the founder president of Women Empowerment and Leadership, she institutionalised her efforts to fight for Afghanistan’s marginalized voices. As a leading voice of the Afghan diaspora, she has been interviewed by BBC, ABC News, Tolo News, Ariana Television and several other international media organizations.

Her identity as an Afghan-Australian and her work-experience with international organisations has shaped her Asian identity. Through Peace for Asia, she endeavours to represent the voices of Asia’s women, minorities, refugees and vulnerable populations. With multiple socio-political and developmental challenges, Asia needs a decentralised and cosmopolitan support structure composed of dedicated activists, academicians and well-wishers. Through Peace for Asia, Rita aspires to amplify such conversations and build an inclusive and sustainable Asian network

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