Our land has suffered for a long period of time due to the countless internal and external reasons, including the unkindness and unscrupulous of the unmerciful neighboring countries. And essentially, it has been suffering for the weakness of its leaders, politicians and overall past governments that failed in shaping this country as a united and consistent nation.
Until today, it burns in the fire of instability and monotonous divisions.

Perhaps, it can be claimed that the lack of management in leadership, governance and politics of this land is one of the main and internal reasons of this terrible consequences, because in a definition of nation building it is stated that: “Nation building is the process of building a national identity by utilizing the authority of the government”.

Unfortunately, we have always been so proud and exaggerated in the shadow of past eras and long gone ancestors that we have utterly neglected the creation of a good future.

However, the history of Afghanistan’s past was beautiful and filled with pride; yet still it has not been able to assemble us and the various ethnic groups of our land altogether as a single nation until today. Only then we could work for a better and truly prosperous future of this country. We would have the chance to sincerely work together, regardless of ethnic and religious categories among.

It can be safely said that throughout the world’s history, every country has recorded remarkable honors in the name of their motherland and its people and as a result, they keep defending their honorary accomplishments in a powerful way; too.

But we, the people of Afghanistan, need to bravely admit this reality that the history of our past and any government or leader (referred with any name or title) which have failed in raising Afghanistan as a single and united nation cannot be counted an honor, but a massive national deception. It is a clear sign of lack of work and procrastination in building a united nation in the historical principle of our country.

In the last case during the governorship Mr. Ashraf Ghani, although the law enforcement of distributing electronic ID cards was a really positive movement to make. This law established in order to determine the identity of each resident of Afghan society with a modern and advanced system at the regional level. Yet unfortunately, this good work also altered into a subject of division and disagreement with the idea of segregating people by including their ethnicity and religion.

What factors caused this paradox and how it had its own supporters and opponents at that time is a long debate. But must to be claiming, as the president of our country on that time – also with titles such as mastermind and scientist – Dr. Ashraf Ghani should have prevented the ethnic segregation and its inclusion in the electronic ID cards in every way possible. So maybe over the years, this act could have resulted as a processing step towards the nation building of our country!

I emphasize that the creation of a good and fruitful future for a country forms under the shadow of nation building, and the residents of a country need to have a sense of closeness and cooperation toward each other to build the future without thinking about their ethnicity and tribal variaties.

As long as we, as the people of a nation keep observing at our country and its interests from the perspective of feeling, interest and common vision, we will be victorious in the historical field of our past and present. We must accept the fact that the development of a country takes shape by the cooperation of every person from different tribal and religious parties and it’s more essential to us than the tribes itself. To have concrete example for this, we can point on the advanced countries such as the United States of America, which have achieved countless improvements by having different indigenous people on the one hand, and by accommodating various nationalities, races, and even other religions from other regions of the world in their single nation on the other hand.

For them, ethnicity, race and region of a person are not as prior and meaningful as their future work and capacity. In the meantime and in most of the countries of the world, the governments do not pay much attention for including extra information on identity cards other than the basic and important information of a resident, such as their full name, date of birth and etc.

In conclusion, I must confess that for a positive and fundamental change in our nation, we need to have these two views on behalf of the politicians of our country:

1. Alteration in past historical honors that have not brought us a good future until today.

2. Observing people apart from their ethnicity, race and religion. This way, we cannot have a united nation, government, army, etc.

By creating changes in these areas, decades later, we can also have a truly proud past. A historical past, one that we will be capable of defending it with power and pride, and bravely welcome a good future.


Image – NY Times

By Dr. Rita Anwari

Dr. Anwari is the Founding Director of Women Empowerment and Leadership in Australia. An experienced activist, Dr Anwari has long campaigned for social justice, equality and inclusive growth in Afghanistan.

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