Our demands are very simple. Our demand is that a fact-finding committee should be sent by the UN to look into the ongoing genocide, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings and violations of basic human rights in Balochistan. We have used the legal forums in Pakistan’s judicial system. We have taken the tears of Baloch people to every forum. We have appeared in the courts of this country, we have appeared in the commission, committees have been formed, we have appeared before the committees, we have held discussions with the government committees. But we were disappointed with all the institutions and systems of this country, we were not given justice at any place, even today we are seeing that there is no seriousness on the part of this present government. We are disappointed with the justice system and the rulers of Pakistan. For this reason, we demand that a UN Fact-Finding Mission records all the atrocities including kill and dump, extra-judicial killings and forced disappearances of the state’s policy of violence in Balochistan, and to reveal to the world the cruelty and brutality in Balochistan.

We have registered details of missing persons in the ongoing sit-in of the Baloch Solidarity Committee. We have collected the data of missing persons. We demand that all missing persons should be recovered. The CTD should be held responsible for these problems and we demand that the CTD be disarmed immediately. Death squads have been set up in Balochistan by powerful people under state patronage. The leaders and operatives of these death squads operate above all law. These death squads under the state patronage have destroyed the lives of people in Balochistan. They create problems for the public. The present protests gained steam after Balach Baloch was killed in a fake encounter in Turbat. The killers of Balach Baloch should be arrested, brought to court and punished.

We have been struggling peacefully for a long time. Promises have been made to us many times, assurances have been given but the government of Pakistan is not serious about solving our problems. And many times the government has expressed its helplessness. The judiciary of this country has also been completely helpless in bringing relief to our problems. If the government of Pakistan talks about changing the policies of Baloch genocide, forced disappearances, extrajudicial killings in Balochistan, then we all know that this is not the authority of the government. Balochistan is under martial law at present. The situation in Balochistan will improve only when the military rule ends in Balochistan. The people of Balochistan should have freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Above all, the people of Balochistan should also have the right to free and fair trial. So in my opinion, we will say that the policies will be changed on the part of the state. Considering the frivolous attitude of government, we can say that the civilian government is being used as a shield. And the real ruler behind the governments is the military which does not appear to be serious.

Wherever there are Baloch diaspora in the world, they have given us moral support. The diaspora is spread across different countries of the world and we hope that the Baloch diaspora would inform the world about the crisis in Balochistan. Members of the Baloch diaspora are also present in human rights organizations, in countries that believe in human rights. It should have happened that today the whole world should have been aware of the issue of Balochistan. But unfortunately, we felt that the Baloch Diaspora could not play the kind of role as they should have.We were only supported by a few overseas Baloch protestors and social media activists from the Baloch diaspora community. On the contrary, even today, Baloch mothers and sisters have to take to the streets en-masse to inform the world about Balochistan.

As political and human rights activists, we cannot predict what exact strategies the Baloch people can adopt or what strategy is being developed. But I must say that until you bring your voice to the world, until you bring your habits to the world, you cannot reveal the pain you have experienced, the cruelty you have experienced. When you are a strong voice, the world will stand with you. We have to fight our own battles. We need to strengthen our movement with new strategies and policies. The killings, genocide and human rights violations in Balochistan should be exposed in front of the world. The day we succeed in bringing the Baloch issue before the world, we will succeed in getting the attention of the world because of this movement. And we will be able to get the support from the international community. Today we face challenges in reaching our destination. For this we have to raise awareness among our people against oppression. The existing Baloch Solidarity Committee has created awareness among the people. People have come out for their rights. When people are aware and conscious about their rights, they unite and stand up for them. Then the voice becomes powerful and the world will stand for you.



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