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Peace for Asia held a Webinar with Lukas Mandl, a member of the European Parliament (European People’s Party). Mr Mandl commented on the work in the EP with Israel, the main topics (conflict, the Palestinian question, but also other work and relations) and the importance of the Middle East for the stability and security of Europe and the world. He also commented on the important topic of fighting antisemitism. 


“Parliamentarism, in my view, is always part of the solution”, is how Lukas Mandl began his talk. “Parliamentarism is even more part of the solution because parliamentarism does not have to stick so much on specific agendas and does not always need to achieve this or that result within a short period of time (…) Parliamentarism is about speaking to each other (…)”. 


Lukas Mandl is heading the Transatlantic friends of Israel group in the European Parliament, a multi-partisan group, including members of the European Parliament from many different political groups. He also talked about the events in Israel in May 2021, the main reactions and debates, i.e. what happened inside the European Parliament in that situation. 


Lastly, Mr Mandl elaborated on the future of EU-Israel relations and the role of the European Parliament in shaping them. 


By Julia Vassileva

Julia Vassileva holds an MPhil in International relations from the University of Oxford, a law degree from the University of Vienna, and an MA in EU International relations and Diplomacy studies from the College of Europe in Bruges, with a research focus on peace mediation and foreign policy.

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