Happy International Day of the Girl Child to all Girls, in particular to our brave Afghan girls and women who are fighting for their basic rights. Unfortunately today in my beloved homeland our girls don’t have access to their basic rights including right to education and work.
As president of Peace for Asia, once again I request the international community not to leave us alone. Afghan girls and Women deserve to live like other girls around the globe. I will continuously knock each single door of the relevant authorities to raise voice of Afghan girls and Women who are suffering from the panic situation of Afghanistan. I reaffirm my continued support towards each single girl and women of Afghanistan.
A happy and success International Girl’s Day with a safe and progressive environment is what we all dream for.
I shall continue my efforts both in my capacity as a philanthropist and as an activist mobilizing pressure groups across Australia and the world for the sake of my homeland.

By Dr. Rita Anwari

Dr. Anwari is the Founding Director of Women Empowerment and Leadership in Australia. An experienced activist, Dr Anwari has long campaigned for social justice, equality and inclusive growth in Afghanistan.

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