I told my eyes not to shed tears and my heart not to beat so fast for some seconds, and let me write about my people’s pain and agony.
Still I waited for fourteen hours with a torn and bleeding heart so I could get back enough courage to be able to write again.
I will never forget the heart-wretching scenes of Friday’s blast in Kabul and the suffering moans of the slaughtered bodies fell upon each other on the floor. We are put and living through a war. A war which is ignited for the name of Islam. A war that has been going on for four decades in Afghanistan and is taking away our beloved ones and youths of our nation by misusing the name of Islam!
But which Islam?
Does Islam anywhere justify this slaughter?
The religious interpretation they use has conquered all our freedom. These regulations have been running in Afghanistan since 40 years along the war. And we, as innocent people of Afghanistan are being the victims and hear the sounds of bomb blast every single day. The residents of Afghanistan are sacrificed within these hardh voices.
Is this called the real Islam?
Is it a sin to be a Muslim and depend on our religion?
The beloved residents of Barchi Area in Kabul, I didn’t wish to emphasize about your pain from the far. I wanted to come and listen to your every pain and then write about them. Yet the only thing I’m able to do is to say it all out of my aching heart and write for you.
Today, my land, Afghanistan is left alone with no companion. Today, tears are falling down the clouds of Afghanistan’s vast sky. It’s not only our Hazara people who are in deep pain, but all of our Afghan nation is. The small girls who were martyred
were neither terrorists nor the Taliban. They were our very own people and their only mistake was being a Muslim.
What a heavy sorrow has taken place in each one of us…
Ya Allah, I beg you to have mercy on our oppressed people!
We do not never wish to witness the generational genocide against our Hazara and other beloved people.
I cannot my tears seeing the pain of my women.


Image – UN

By Dr. Rita Anwari

Dr. Anwari is the Founding Director of Women Empowerment and Leadership in Australia. An experienced activist, Dr Anwari has long campaigned for social justice, equality and inclusive growth in Afghanistan.

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