Zeeshan Javaid

Rochester NY: Pakistan is seeking Russia’s assistance in order to become a member of the BRICS group. Moscow and Islamabad are quite close, and Islamabad is trying to use their cordial relationship to get into the BRICS.

Since Pakistan and India have been at odds for decades, India is still not happy about the idea of Pakistan joining BRICS. This would cause BRICS to fall apart because India isn’t keen on sharing the spotlight with Pakistan, its neighbor.

a senior diplomat on condition not to name revealed that one of the senior Pakistani politicians, in order to get Moscow to extend an invitation to Pakistan to join BRICS, met with Vladimir Chizhov, a senator from Russia.

Since Islamabad will be subservient to Moscow after Russia secures Pakistan’s membership in BRICS, Russia will also benefit from this development in regional politics to strengthen its power.Furthermore, Pakistan’s economy is in shambles, and the country would need a larger financial platform to stand on, which it will get by joining BRICS.

It is unclear, however, whether or not the bloc will extend an offer to Pakistan to join.India thinks Pakistan is just taking advantage of what BRICS has to offer and doesn’t provide anything fresh. With Pakistan’s financial contributions, the alliance will become a one-way track. That is why India is of the firm belief that Pakistan will do nothing except cause problems for the alliance.

Incorporating Pakistan into the bloc is not something that many countries are keen on. Experts believe that Pakistan while changing the bloc is relying now on its sole ally, Russia, to secure a place in the coalition seeking to dethrone the US dollar.

*Zeeshan Javaid is US based Pakistani journalist. He writes on issues related to foreign affairs, cross border conflicts, terrorism and extremism.. He can be reached at zeeshan.javaid9@gmail.com*


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