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Peace for Asia hosted a webinar with the EU Ambassador in Myanmar, Ranieri Sabatucci. We discussed EU – Myanmar relations and the role of the EU in Myanmar.

“There has been a lot of investment from the EU in Myanmar (…) in terms of putting resources, intellectual resources, political resources… Myanmar is a country that inspires from that point of view, there is a lot of attention that Myanmar gets…”, the Ambassador stressed in the introduction of the webinar. 

“We have been historically very involved in Myanmar, we are one of the few entities or institutions that have been accepted to be witness of the ceasefire agreement in 2015, we have a very large development assistance programme (disproportionate, compared to what it would be in other countries)…”

The Ambassador also addressed the GSP+ regime, which has attracted investment in Myanmar, which is also good from a development assistance perspective, and he addressed the humanitarian assistance provided by the EU. Of importance is also the Green Deal and sustainable development. 

Further topics of discussion during the webinar were the present situation and what the EU is doing; how the EU sees China’s engagement with Myanmar; and expectations and coordination with regional institutions like ASEAN. 

Lastly, the Ambassador stressed that discussing and keeping Myanmar in the news “is a very important task”.

By Julia Vassileva

Julia Vassileva holds an MPhil in International relations from the University of Oxford, a law degree from the University of Vienna, and an MA in EU International relations and Diplomacy studies from the College of Europe in Bruges, with a research focus on peace mediation and foreign policy.

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